Landscape Construction

Ground Effects provides clients with a realistic vision for their new landscape before the work begins.  Customers incorporate hardscapes, or stone work, into the design, and plan various phases before a landscape project begins.  Our proven design philosophy determines the foundation before selecting the plantings in the construction design.

Hardscapes give structure, dimension and definition to a landscape while blending with the surrounding architecture and setting.  Customers create a distinctive look that establishes their image and achieves the planned functionality, working closely with Ground Effects management.

Solution-oriented approaches include:

Retaining walls to not only beautify, but also maximize potential landscape space, level sloped areas and resolve drainage issues.

Patios that create outdoor rooms, which can be enhanced with spas or outdoor kitchens to bring the ambience and function of the indoors into the outdoor landscape.

Overhead structures, such a pergola or arbor, offers shelter, privacy and architectural design while providing support for climbing plants.

After determining the type/s of installations, the landscape design incorporates grading, flowerbeds, ornamental and shade trees, footpaths and inviting walkways to open up and embellish the space surrounding your home or business.

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Ground Effects Listens To You,
working with your ideas and building upon them with our expert experience. Together we will discuss new possibilities and unique designs to create the signature style and originality your property deserves. Our knowledgeable specialists maximize potential, solve problems, answer questions, and beautify your landscape all within a comfortable budget.

There Is No Better Investment
in today's competitive market than expanding the architectural potential and functionality of your property. Ground Effects assesses what people see first when they come to visit you.

Create an Inviting Oasis
for your business associates, family, and friends. There is far more affordabilty with Ground Effects than relocating or expanding existing structures.



Landscape Services

Ground Effects provides overall site management to its customers to assure landscape development and maintenance. Consider your Ground Effects

assigned project manager as your personal employee providing individual consultation and assignment completion. Our staff is fully trained to manage

each site using the best-known landscape practices to achieve our customer’s specific goals and requirements. Ground Effects develops and executes

site management plans with you that create and maintain an outdoor living environment through innovative and efficient design, efficient production

methods, and top quality products that produce an aesthetically pleasing and 24/7 functional outdoor environment.


Ground Effects installs decorative and functional patios, walks, driveways, and retaining walls that last throughout the years. We create a striking

hardscape design that compliments your home and business, adding real estate equity to your property. Consider Ground Effects when you intend

to sell your property and wish to greatly enhance its appeal and value.


Ground Effects Signature Work includes custom retaining walls of all sizes, stone patios and walkways, driveway installations, and other

stone hardscape features.


Additional services offered in conjunction with your Ground Effects hardscape include:

Landscape Design and Installation

Drainage Solutions

River Rock and Dry Creek Beds

Sod installation

Seeding and Hydro-seeding


Tree and Landscape Planting


Landscape Maintenance


Pruning and Refreshing

Leaf Removal

Gutter Cleaning

Power Washing


Stump removal


Equipment Services

Excavation and Grading

Landscape Demolition

Drainage and Erosion


Snow removal

Gravel Driveway Repair



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